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INCH bag contents

Post by Admin on Wed Mar 29, 2017 7:25 pm

Let's break down what we know.

EDC (Every Day Carry) Kit
An EDC kit is some survival things that you carry on you everyday to help in emergency situations. This kit can be separated in different pockets, in a fanny pack, in an Altoids can, etc. It's a small kit and limited in it's scope, though quite useful. This may include things such as a pocket knife, small flashlight, extra currency, etc. If you do not know what it is, then I suggest looking it up.

BOB (Bug Out Bag)
A BOB is a backpack, hiker's bag or such that allows you to stay away from home for a certain time period. This may be from the minimum of three days, as advised by FEMA, to a longer stay such as up to a couple weeks. These bags are as varied as the people who put them together. Your experiences and plans will dictate how yours is put together. You can search the site for more on BOBs.

And now for the reason I created this thread.

INCH (I'm Never Coming Home) Bag
This bag, cart, box or what have you, goes beyond the BOB. This is put together in the chance that some natural or man-made disaster takes your home from you. Say you get a warning of a nuclear strike on your home area and you know your home will be utterly destroyed and you never can live in that area again. This bag is designed to help you leave the area and seek out another place you can live.

I have seen many ideas about this. Some are weapons heavy. Some are food heavy. The ideal bag would be a balance of both security and survivability. You cannot keep your supplies without security and you cannot be secure if you starve to death. This is an example of one such bag I found on the net.

A (Top Main Compartment of Ruck)
Wet Weather Bag
7 Green Socks
2 Pairs of gloves
6 White T Shirts
5 Boxer Briefs
40oz of Peanut Butter
Dryer Lint in peanut butter jar (fire starting)
Guide 10 Solar battery charger
200rds 7.62x39mm
100rds .45 ACP
1000rds of .22lr
Ruger 10/22 Charger Pistol (fur huntin' skewerls n' such [​IMG] )
[​IMG]B (Bottom Main Compartment of Ruck)
Wet Weather Bag
Gen III Level 2 Top (Waffle Top)
Gen III Level 2 Pants (Waffle Trousers)
Gen III Level 1 Top (Silk Top)
Gen III Level 1 Bottom (Silk Trousers)
D3A Black Leather Winter Gloves
Skull Cap
Head Mosquito net
Extra Medical Supplies (Tourniquet, 2 Gauzes, Latex Gloves, Band Aids, 2 Israeli Dressings, Bottle of Aspirin, Nyquil Gel Caplets, Water Purification Tablets, Small Container Vaseline)
Shamwow (for collecting dew, and for other purposes)
[​IMG]C (Top Fanny Pouch on outside of Ruck)
Bone Saw
Skinning Knife
Gerber Multi Tool
Multi Vitamins
4 AA Batteries
6 AAA Batteries
Sewing Kit
Magnesium Fire Starter
2 P38 Can Openers
2 small bottles of WD 40
Small Maglight Flashlight
Crank Generated Flashlight/AM FM Radio
LCD Head Lamp
Blade Sharpener
Wicked Folding Hand Saw
Extra gear for Solar Battery Charger
Razor Blades
[​IMG]D (Bottom Fanny Pouch on outside of Ruck)
Roll of fishing line
Small Tackle Box
3x 100’ Paracord doughnuts
2 Bungee Cords
Zip ties
E (240B Ammo Pouch on Flap Cover of Ruck)
Wash Cloth
Q Tips
Tooth Brush
Tooth Paste
Finger Nail Clippers
Personal Mirror
Hand Operated Hair Clippers
3 bars Unscented Soap
F (Right Side Pouch)
FM 3-05.70
Ranger Handbook
Watertight box
Computer external hard drive
Photos of Family Members
US Constitution
Alabama Flag
Silver Mercury Dimes
6 Small Candies
Personal Documents (Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, HS Diploma, DD214, etc)
Any other Personal Items
G (Left Side Pouch)
Katadyn Base Camp filtration system (I hope to update this to the Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter soon)
2 Extra Water Filters for Base Camp system
Coffee Filters (inside mess kit)
German Mess Kit
H (E-Tool Pouch on Outside of Ruck)
x8 42gal 3mil Contractor (trash) bags
1 Gallon Zip Lock Freezer Bags
Attached to outside of Ruck
Roll of Duck Tape
East German Canteen with Hydrogen Peroxide
x3 1qt Canteens
Thick Vietnam Era WW Poncho
GI BDU Poncho
GI BDU Poncho Liner
Hennessy Hammock Expedition A-Sym
Chest Rig, Pistol Belt, and Butt Pack
Blackhawk Commando Vest
8 AK Mags (240rds) or 8 10/22 BX-25 mags (200rds)
First Aid Kit (Duck Tape, Combat Gauze, Tourniquet, Israeli Bandage, gloves)
6 Glock 21 Magazines (78rds of .45acp)
ACU Pistol Holster
Magazine drop pouch
2x24 Spirit Night Vision Monocular
KA-BAR 5556 Knife
Spare food such as Spam, etc. (not shown)
Cold Steel Frontier Hawk
Map Case and Camelback
All Weather Notebook
All Weather Pen
Maps of local area, AL, and TN
Lensatic Compass
Black Sharpie
Silver Paint Pen
4x Pencils
(Note: The bag used is said to be a MOLLE II rucksack with attachments. It is said to weigh 95lbs.)

This is not my bag, nor is it the be-all end-all. As I said, your bag may vary. Now I have done enough research on this to know that the idea of an INCH bag is supplemented with caches which have been placed before such a disaster happens. This is a start to get the discussion going.
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