Which firearms?

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Which firearms?

Post by Admin on Thu Mar 16, 2017 8:01 pm

We probably have our own opinions on which firearms are the best to have for TEOTWAWKI.

My personal opinion is to have at least one assault rifle and a semiautomatic sidearm for every group member.

Shotguns, scoped hunting rifles and 22 calibers should be included to round the group arsenal off.

Ideally there should be a group standard on calibers and models.

Any other thoughts?


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Re: Which firearms?

Post by Sean liscom on Mon May 15, 2017 12:22 pm

My personal load out is a Saiga AK-47 (fully converted with upgrades) with six 30 round magazines, an auto ordinance 1911 with 6 eight round magazines. I also have a provision to carry the Mossberg 500a 12g shotgun should the need arise.
I chose those weapons for their reliability and durability. All of them have proven track records.

Sean liscom

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