Basic gear list for my group

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Basic gear list for my group

Post by Sean liscom on Tue Apr 18, 2017 5:38 pm

Worn on Body
-Plate carrier with level III or level IV NIJS Rifle Rated Plates
-IFAK (Must be Approved by Team leaders)
-Water Bladder/Camelback
-Individual Comms
-Magazine pouches with at least 6 30 round magazines
-Battle Belt or 1 ¾ inch nylon tactical duty belt
-Drop Leg Holster/Kydex Belt Mounted Holster and Magazine Pouch
-Sidearm with at least 3 magazines
-Dump Pouch
-Bump Helmet or Ballistic Helmet
-Shooting or Tactical Gloves
-Eye Pro/Ear Pro
-Schemagh or Face Wrap

Packed in bug-out box
-Tent or bivvy
-Temperature appropriate sleeping bag
-Sleeping Mat or Folding Cot
-multiple Pairs socks
-multiple Pairs underwear
-multiple Pairs Tan, Black or Brown T-shirts, Moisture Wicking
-Cold/Wet Weather Gear/Thermal Under garments (Coyote Brown, Multicam or OD colored Poncho, Gortex Jacket and Pants etc)
-multiple Sets Multicam Combat Shirts w/Velcro
-multiple Sets Multicam Combat Pants
** we all understand the cost involved with this, but the more pairs you have, the better off you are**
-Reverse American Flag (IR or Subdued) Worn on Right Sleeve
-group patches Worn on Left Sleeve
-1 Pr Desert Boots.
-1 Pr Cold Weather Boots
-Boonie Hat or Ballcap
- multiple Changes of Civilian Clothing
-Personal Hygiene Kit
-Baby Wipes
-Spare Batteries as Required
-Spare Ammunition as Desired
-Water filter
-Food for several days(MRE, dehydrated meals, shelf stable items are best)
NOTE: This is a BASIC load-out-only list, and is not meant to be all inclusive. Team Members may add to this individual equipment list as they see necessary for survival and/or comfort. Most of these items may be obtained locally at Scorpius Tactical and Twin City Surplus. On-line retailers such as LA Police Gear, Condor Tactical, Furious Tactical, Voodoo Tactical, Galls, Cheaper than Dirt, etc are also a good place to start.
“buy once, cry once.” Don’t go cheap on items that will keep you alive, dry and warm, especially when it comes to your plate carrier, plates and helmet. If you have any questions direct them to team leaders.

Remember, ounces=pounds, pounds=pain

Sean liscom

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